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What is an 800 MHz System?
The name has been coined to describe radio-enhancement systems used by fire, police, and other emergency personnel. A properly designed 800 MHz System allows First Responders the continued use of hand-held radios throughout structures including elevators and stairwells. This technology currently involves repeater systems operating on a distributed antenna system placed to provide 2-way communication throughout the structure, with AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction) battery backup.

What is the cost of these systems?
We evaluate each job with the utmost care. Every site is different, and many variables will contribute to the cost, including the shape of the building, square footage, height, stories, etc. Many buildings will have adequate signal levels on higher floors without amplification. A careful site survey in advance of the project design can save money, as much of this can be predicted with thorough signal measurement at the site. It is mission-critical to specify high-quality components in these systems, as maintenance costs can be high on devices that do not preserve frequency stability and emission standards they were designed for. We pride ourselves in offering turnkey solutions and offering the best price.

We design & install the very best in digital technology, and provide lower-cost annual Testing & Certification with our radio-coverage systems.