Will 800 MHz Systems require expensive updates when the "re-banding" takes place?
Is LTE  going to make these systems obsolete soon?
The nationwide public safety broadband network currently being developed by the First Responder Network Authority (Firstnet) is a potentially life-saving technology. It will allow data operability that will eventually include live video capabilty  for first responders. It is important to note that the current 800 MHz Systems will be providing the critical voice component (which was not included in the launch requirements for FirstNet) for at least a decade into the future.
The re-banding effort may take place over the coming years, moving some of the Public Safety Radio spectrum in to the upper 700 MHz band. It is a current requirement in most municipalities that components in these systems be forward-compatible. This means that components, including repeaters or bi-directional amplifiers, directional couplers, splitters and cabling must be able to move to the new frequencies when the time comes. This item should be included in bid specifications for new systems.
What is the cost of these systems?
A properly- designed and installed 800 MHz system in a new structure will cost between $0.25 and $0.60 cents per square foot of coverage. Many buildings will have adequate signal level in higher levels without amplification. A careful site survey in advance of the project design can save money, as much of this can be predicted with thorough signal measurement at the site.  It is mission-critical to specify high- quality components in these systems, as maintenance costs can be high on devices that do not preserve frequency stability and emission standards they were designed for.  
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What is an 800 MHz System?
The name has been coined to describe radio-enhancement systems for Land Mobile Radio (LMR).
LMR is the radio communication system used by fire, police, and other emergency personnel. A properly designed 800 MHz System allows First Responders the continued use of hand-held radios throughout structures including elevators and stairwells.
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